American Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning offers the best and most affordable plumbing and HVAC services to Southern Californian communities. We are family owned and operated, have current C36 plumbing and C20 HVAC state licenses and are members with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the EPA. We are proud to be an accredited business member of the Better Business Bureau and to be able to maintain an A+ for last eight years.

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They helped me with my problem over the phone!
I got an appointment like I thought I would and they called me just like you would think to let me know they were on their way…but then it was different and amazing.
The conversation stated with, “Walk me through your problem and I’ll see if I can save you a whole bunch of money.”
Eddie walked me through my problem, which turned out to simply be a burned fuse in my furnace. He described exactly what I was looking at and helped me every step along the way. After 5 min on the phone and a quick trip to Home Depot for a fuse, my heat and air work just fine.
If I ever have a problem with plumbing, heating and air again, you can bet my first call will be to American Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning!
Thank you!

Jessie B.
Lancaster, CA

I called this company when I realized we had no hot water. Scheduled an appointment and was able to have someone come out right away. David Peralta and his associate came out, diagnosed and fixed the problem right away. He even took the time to explain the issue.

Jazmin T.
Oceanside, CA

This group of men, David, Eddie, Jessie and Aaron were truly a pleasure to have in my home for one week. From the first estimate to the completion of the job, they exceeded our expectations.  David never started the day without a handshake and a “good morning”. He impressed me with his quick thinking and courteous demeanor. Aaron was very quiet and efficient.  Eddie was a friendly  man with a ‘can-do’ attitude and Jessie oversaw the job and answered all our questions. I highly recommend this company. We had two new heaters and two air conditioners installed.  It was very cramped up in one of the attics, but they succeeded in getting the entire heater in without breaking anything..thanks David! They did great work at a fair price and I feel confident that my home will be comfortable for many years because of their skilled expertise.

Julie A.
Vista, CA

This the second pluming issue I had American Plumbing work on. This time it was my dish washer air vent. David was responsive and polite. He quickly resolved the issue.
He trouble shot the issue and had the part install quickly. In fact the dishwasher cycle to test the vent took longer than the repair.
If I need a plumber, Amreican is getting the call.

Steve H.
Oceanside, CA

So, I know this is a little late… But better late than never.
On Thanksgiving day I had about 13 people coming over for dinner and I was in a bit of a panic bc my kitchen sink was so clogged! My husband had tried everything possible himself, but unfortunately had no success.. So after doing some research we called American Plumbing. They gave us a time frame of when they would be out that morning… And in fact were on time exactly 🙂 good thing too, bc I had a 16lb turkey to get in the oven and a million other things going on & needed my sink
David was a blessing! Super professional! And He knew exactly what the problem was and fixed it in a matter of minutes.. Fyi these guys give a military discount as well! Bonus!
Seriously though, If I ever have any more plumbing issues I will definitely be calling these guys!
Thanks again!

Wendy H.
San Diego, CA

I’m just going to bullet point this review. I live in LA and have a rental house in San Diego. I’m also a woman who knows nothing about plumbing!! My house is old and I have had plumbing issues in the past. I call around blind trying to get estimates and pick the person I feel won’t rip me off.   In the past I have had terrible experiences and paid way too much for terrible jobs!!!
All that changed when I met David Peralta at American Plumbing and Backflow. He did an amazing job at less that 1/2 the cost!!! He is super reliable, nice, honest, hard working… I really can’t say enough great things about him. I will never call anyone else!!!  The office staff are very nice also! You would be foolish not to at least give them a chance…you will see AMAZING!!!
J H.
Glendale, CA

I’m very pleased to find a dependable, skilled, courteous local plumbing company for all those little things that go wrong when you live in a ’90s tract home with rock-hard water. Right before the long holiday weekend I botched a shower valve repair quite badly 🙂 American Plumbing sent David and his crew to do an emergency fix and get the water turned back on for the long weekend. A few days later they did a very nice permanent repair at a very good price. Thanks American — you’ve earned my trust and business.

Allan K.
Oceanside, CA

These guys are the best. I have used them now for a couple of things. As the other reviews have mentioned they don’t make you wait, they come out within a day. The latest thing they helped with is that our water heater had a leak and had to be replaced. Our water heater was under warranty from a different company and my technician David A. spent the time to call the company and go over and get the new one, fill out all the paperwork and wait until they gave him the water heater, to then have to come back to the house to install it. I didn’t have to do anything! You can tell that they all take real pride in their work. David A really made this experience as painless as possible!

Brittany H.
Encinitas, CA

Excellent & professional service at a fair price. David & David arrived yesterday and removed iron pipes circa 1954 from underneath my home. The old pipes were cracked & almost completely filled in with tree roots. These men were professional and worked hard for two days (even through the rare rainy day) to replace our pipes. I am very pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a plumber.

Nikki C.
San Diego, CA

Sometimes you need to judge a company not only if they do a great job but how do they  when a job goes wrong. I had such a problem occur and I want to tell you that Jesse the owner was polite, honest and took ownership of what happened. Best of all he stood behind his companies work and made things right. I have done business with American plumbing since about 2008 and will continue to do so. Thank you Jesse !

Rick C.
Poway, CA


These guys are great. Called today at 4 pm and they were able to send 2 techs over within the hour. I had called probably 15 places today and no one could come out to fix our Air Conditioner until Tuesday. The techs were very knowledgable and had the A/C unit back up and running in under an hour. Thank you for the quick service. I will get to actually sleep tonight.

Lucas W.
Vista, CA

I called about a leak in my bathroom at 7:00am this morning, and David was at my door less than 2 hours after (this wasn’t an emergency call, I had shut off my water) I thought the pipes where the problem but luckily it was the toilet that was probably older than me. He was really nice, great at explaining what the problem was and explaining my options. The whole thing took less time than I would have thought and the only evidence that he was ever there is a shiny new toilet he cleaned up everything as he left and even tightened my door handle for me!! He even offered to come back and switch back to the elevated seat I had for my mom if the new, taller toilet wasn’t tall enough 🙂 he far exceeded my expectations! P.S. This was my 3rd time using them and they’ve always done a great job

Heather P.
Escondido, CA

Tech showed up promptly, was very knowledgeable and felt like he was “On my side”. My problem was resolved to my satisfaction. Plus, I like the idea of a local company. Would highly recommend.
Ken R.
Fallbrook, CA