Leak Detection

Leaks can cause a lot of damage to your home, so we can be there in a short amout of time with the tools and knowledge to fix the leak problem. Call (866) 375–3569 today!It’s common that home owners suddenly have a leak in the ceiling, or a wet spot in the drywall. We use different procedures to figure out where the leak is coming from, because the leak can be so small it can be difficult to locate. Our state of the art electronic leak detection equipment can find pinhole leaks in the slab (foundation). We can also perform manual leak detection services when requested. With our experience we’ll find any leak!We have a pipe locater which will identify copper pipes in the slab, show us where the pipes are going and where they are coming from which will keep us right on track. We also use an infrared thermometer to take temperature readings of the floor. The readings will help us determine whether its a hot or cold pipe.A pin hole leak can be hard to find even with the equipment so sometimes we add pressure with compressed air, helping the sound waves get louder and more precise.

Insurance companies usually require that a leak detection device is used to help determine whether a reroute or a repipe is the better option.



Things to Look For…

Mystery leaks?
Hear water running when all taps are shut off?
Feel heat under the floor?
Hot walls?
Instant hot water in fixtures all of a sudden?
Leaks in the ceiling, wall, floor or front yard?
Do you think you may have a slab leak?
Need a plumber today?


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