Pipe Reroute and Repipe

Have you had multiple slab leaks (water leak under concrete) in your home?
Do you get rusty water from your faucets due to old galvanize pipes or low water pressure?
Or maybe you home was piped with defective water piping, we got a solution for you!

Let the American Plumbing team come out and provide you with a free quote to re-pipe your home.

 Don’t trust a drain guy with your slab leak problems, these jobs usually require a more skilled technician to do the job right and efficient.  We take the guessing game out of finding leaks, copper manifolds, and other hidden copper lines thus saving time and money on unnecessary costly drywall or stucco repairs.

RePipe2Sometimes it just makes more sense to re-route or re-pipe due to a slab leak that is not accessible to repair like a water leak under a tub and shower unit or maybe under a kitchen cabinet. On those cases it would be more appropriate and less costly to eliminate that particular line and re-route it in the wall and/or ceiling, attic.

We don’t cut corners we it comes to the material we use to plumb your house, we size your water system according to the number of water fixtures, we use the type L copper pipe and fittings, we replace all main water valves and angle stops and supply lines (if necessary), we strap and insulate hot water lines.  




We offer 10 year warranty on all our re-pipes.

Trust the American Plumbing team, we have been serving your community for over 15 years.

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