Expert Heating Tune-ups 

Is your Heating system ready for colder weather?

It pays to be proactive when it comes to heating equipment maintenance and inspection.  A Heating system maintenance tune up allows for a more efficient operation, saving you money in energy bills. Plus, it prolongs the life of your heating system and could save you hundreds of dollars in unexpected emergency repairs.

Most home owners are unaware that their heating system warranty is voided if they do not service the system annually, keeping up with this maintenance will keep the system’s warranty in good standing.

Our comprehensive maintenance tune up includes:

  • Inspect/clean burners
  • Clean/replace air filters
  • Clean/Inspect pilot assembly
  • Clean/Inspect manifold and burner tray area
  • Inspect fan belt and pulleys, adjust if necessary
  • Clean/Inspect blower wheel
  • Lubricate blower motor as necessary
  • Visually inspect heat exchanger
  • Inspect diverter box and vent system
  • Check for combustion materials at or near furnace
  • Clean, adjust and calibrate thermostat
  • Inspect furnace electrical and wiring
  • Start and test furnace (by thermostat)
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Check burner for combustion
  • Check for proper combustion air
  • Check draft at diverter box
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check temperature rise, Registers opened/closed?
  • Check for air leaks/plenum/base/closet

Our Heating Technicians are experts in energy efficiency and can consult with you on how to save energy and money while maintaining comfort in your home. We offer many options and great packages to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today!

Need to Replace or Upgrade Your Heating System?

You choose the time and the job is completed in one day. We provide quick service because our local EPA certified and factory trained technicians do not have to travel far in our stocked vehicles.

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