Faucet Repairs

Kitchen faucet repair

  • Faulty fixtures?
  • Faucet needs repair?
  • Upgrading your faucet?
  • Need new drain basket strainers and waste pipes?
  • Installing an aerator?
  • Need new emergency valves under the sink?

Fix all leaky faucets inside and outside of your home, you could save 15-20 gallons per leak per day!

Check your plumbing water pressure.  If it’s more than 80 psi, adjust your water pressure regulator or install one if you don’t have one.

While replacing your old kitchen or lavatory faucet, don’t take chances with under the counter old water lines and connectors.  Install new emergency valves and supply lines for your new faucet.  I can’t tell you how many times we have been in homes where the customer’s handy man or even themselves had done an excellent job replacing the faucet only to find out later that a small leak has damage the wood vanity, carpet or even wood floors.

Let our highly trained and certified plumbers find the faucet problem or install your new fixture! Call (866) 375–3569 Today!