Earthquake Valve Replacement

Automatic Gas Shutoff Devices

Are ready to protect your home and your loved ones from seismically caused natural/liquid propane gas leaks? Don’t take chances, it’s just a matter of time! An Earthquake valve is a sensitive device engineered to close and stop the flow of gas in the event of an earthquake, therefore preventing fires, explosions, and other unnecessary damage(s).

Whether is a 3/4″ or a 8″ gas shutoff device, American Plumbing will take care of your gas valve installation or service. “There is no need to run outside and find a wrench to shut off the manual valve anymore”.

Let our highly trained and certified plumbers install a gas valve the meets and exceeds the California Standards for Earthquake Actuated Automatic Gas Shut Off Systems, Standard No. 12-23-1and ANSI Z21.70.

Excess Flow Valves

Whenever there is a significant amount or rush of gas through the automated gas valve, the valve will automatically shut off your service to avoid any problems. Make sure you follow the manufacture’s recommendations to reset the valve or call a licensed, qualified professional to reset the valve and perform a safety check on every single appliance to make sure there’s no gas leaks before any pilots are re-lit.

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