Drain Cleaning

American Plumbing Heating and Air is a family owned and local Company that has been providing drain cleaning solutions in San Diego North County for years.  We have the equipment to clear all residential and commercial drain lines.  We also have state of the art drain color cameras, line locators, hydro-jetters and not to mention the experience to take care of your drain cleaning needs. 

How clearing a drain line with a snake machine works.

A snake machine can be either manual or motor powered long metal cable/auger that is pushed through an opening such as a clean out, tub overflow, floor drain, sink, toilet/toilet flange, etc.  Once the cable or cable blade reaches the obstruction in the pipe, it goes through soft blockage, tear it up while it’s rotating, or becomes attached to the end of cable to be pulled back.

Our Plumbing Technicians are qualified to deal with any drain problem, from grease, tree roots to repairs and even replacement of a section of drain/sewer line.  We can take care of it fast and efficient.

Check our drain specials! Our drain cleaning solutions start at $ 99.00.


We can clear all types of drains including:

Main drain/sewer lines.
Kitchen drain lines.
Toilets and toilet drains.
Bidet drains.
Sink drains.
Tub and shower drains.
Washing machine drains.
Deck area drains.
Urinal and urinal drains.
Floor drains.
Grease traps.



You should not have to wait days for a Plumbing Company to clear your drain.  Don’t let a drain clog take valuable time from your dayschedule on line or call 760-731-7000 to make an appointment now!