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San Diego & Riverside Counties Trusted Drain Plumbers

Our plumbers in San Diego and South West Riverside have experienced every type of clogged drain, cracked drain pipe, and main line leak issue imaginable. We have the equipment and professional expertise to repair clogged drains and clear your home’s plumbing. We flat out know drain pipe repair and are ready to help.

When is clogged drain an issue?

The nuisance of having clogged drains can be caused by excess hair, waste, spoiled food, or overgrown tree roots that can get lodged in your pipes and limit the flow of water. If you are cautious of your drain plumbing and take home measures to keep the drains clear of wreckage, then you are less likely to experience drain issues.

It is wise to periodically clean your pipes with vinegar and baking soda. Give the chemical reaction about 15 minutes to dissolve the grime before flushing it with boiling water. Please use caution when doing this.

You could always try to use some commercial chemical product made for clearing backed up drains. Keep health concerns in mind when purchasing this kind of fluid. It is important to note that most chemical drain cleaners provide only a temporary fix to clogged drain problems.

Camera Inspection Through Toilet Flange

Camera Inspection Through Lavatory p-trap

How To Avoid Costly Drain Pipe Repairs

Use common sense. Prevent the following items from reaching your kitchen drain:

  • rice
  • fruit peels
  • potato skins
  • onions
  • grease
  • oil

Grease and oil create buildup thicker than pipes can handle. Strong citrus has acidic chemicals that can cause corrosion and make pipes get weak. Rice and potato skins can be too expansive. Water makes them sponge out and easily block drains. Drain strainers are a necessary accessory to your kitchen sink. They will help prevent any unwanted waste to make it to your drain pipes.


Cautions for DIY Plumbers

Kitchen Drain: Make sure you have a bucket underneath the trap or you certainly will experience a mess. It is really important to identify if your joint slip nuts are in good condition. If not, the pipe could slowly drip a wet puddle under the sink.

Shower Head: Make sure to clean the threads on the shower arm and wrap some Teflon Tape on it to avoid a leak when installing the new piece.

Toilet Assembly: Make sure to turn off the water at the supply valve on the wall. Replace all the washers with new ones along the way. Take the float arm and refill tube off and loosen the coupling nut where the water inlet pipe enters the tank before unscrewing the nut under the tank. Also make sure that the float is not rubbing anywhere once finished with the assembly.

When to Call Your Drain Plumber

You usually know right away when you have drain problems. Overflow in your sink, toilet, and shower means it is time to get professional drain service. Even if your drains become slow, then it is time to take action. Clogs will not get better without assistance. American Plumbing can easily repair drains no matter what time or day it is. We have experience with all types of drain repair, rooter services and even repipes.

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