Air Flow Ducts

duct_sealingHomes with central furnaces and air conditioners or heat pumps use a duct system to supply heated or cooled air to the various rooms of the house and then return the air to the system for reheating or recooling. There are many points where ducts are connected to something else – to the air handler, to other pieces of ductwork, to the returns


Air Duct Repair

that supply air in and out of the rooms in the house, and so on. Ductwork should be properly sealed in all these places in order to prevent the loss of heated or cooled air as your HVAC system has to produce more to make up for those losses.

  • Leak in your air ducts ?
  • No cold or warm air flowing ?
  • Hot air not cycled at even temperature?


A 90% efficient furnace combined with an inefficient, leaky duct system equals an inefficient system that costs you money. A typical US home loses 20% of heated or cooled air through leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts, and energy contractors report seeing some homes with 50-80% leakage. See the Energy Star website for more detailed information.



Heat Pump System

Typical Residential Duct System Problems:

  1. Duct runs may have been disconnected or crushed.
  2. Flex duct run may be too long. Sometimes the installing contractor use the entire 25′ of duct from the box.
  3. Often times new construction debris can be found in the ducts.
  4. It’s common for metal ducts that are under concrete to get stepped on and collapse just before the concrete is poured.
  5. Any dampers might be closed.
  6. Flexible duct will collapse inside if it is installed in too short a turn.
  7. Furniture is place directly over registers.
  8. Wrong filter media may have been chosen.

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